Gardening as Spiritual Work

February 3, 2009

For the past two years we’ve had a splendid garden at Easton Mountain where I live.  I’ve eaten peach tomatoes, which actually have fuzz.  Our gardener for those two years is moving on to other areas, including helping to start a community garden in Cambridge, NY.

Last Sunday, I and four other men met with him as a first step toward having a team manage the garden for this year.  Prior to the meeting, he asked us to consider several questions.  I’m presenting here my answers to two of them, as they say something about how I relate to the Earth.

What are your reasons for liking/wanting to garden?

Connecting with earth and the process of life.  Enjoyment of working outdoors, especially when I can be naked.  Supporting the work of Easton by having the garden as a place where people can relate to nature and having the fruits of the garden to use.

What gardening philosophies/methods are important to you?

The garden is a place where we connect in a unique way with the Spirit of Life.  To me the garden is as sacred as the Temple, and work in the garden is as much worship as anything done in the Temple.  For this reason, only those methods that are respectful of life should be used in the garden.

I’ll have a page in either Easton Mountain’s or my website where you can see the progress of the garden.  I’ll let you know when it’s up.

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