Thought-Form Clearing

February 10, 2009

When I started this blog, in January of last year, I realized that there were some parts of my spiritual praxis that didn’t lend themselves to description in a blog. Some practices were too long and elaborate for the short essays that I might expect a blog-reader to read. One of these practices is the process of thought-form clearing.

I’ve therefore placed the instructions for the first phase of thought-form clearing on my website.  It is a process that helps the practitioner slowly release discordant energies and come into a stronger relationship with the his spiritual connection to the Universe.

I first started thought-form clearing about five years ago.  At that time, I thought that a person, working an hour a day, could complete the process in eighteen months.  Three years later, I was still working on the process.  I then felt drawn to other spiritual practices – most of which I’ve described in this blog.  Recently, I’ve felt drawn to return to thought-form clearing and have found that my connection with Spirit appears to be deepening.

I encourage you to check out what I’ve written on my website and, if it seems right for you, try the first phase.  I’ll post the instructions for the second phase in about six weeks.  If you start now, you’ll be ready for the second phase at that time.

Thought-form clearing is not the only way to release discordant energies.  Other ways may be faster, but this method is thorough.  If you are consciously involved in a spiritual life, you will find the practices that are right for you.

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