Releasing Conflict through Inner Dialogue

February 24, 2009

Think about a conflict  – something draining your emotional energy. It may be between two nations or two people in your neighborhood.  If you feel involved, it is draining your  energy.  You can reclaim that energy through inner dialogue.

Visualize a round table.  See yourself taking a seat.  Invite your Higher self.  On a piece of paper draw a circle representing the table.  Mark where you and your  Higher Self are sitting.  Invite each person in the conflict to the table.  Mark where they sit.  If it seems right, invite the Higher Selves of each person to the table.  If you’re dealing with nations or other groups, there are group Higher Selves.  Ask your Higher Self if anyone else should be at the table, and invite them.

Ask each person at the table to give an opening statement of their view of the conflict,  each time sitting in silence and recording the words that come to you.  You may spend a lot of time with no thoughts coming.  If so, just experience the energies around the table.

When all have given opening statements, let your Higher Self control the dialogue,  Record what your Higher Self says, the questions He asks, and the answers that you hear in your mind. If you find yourself sitting in silence, continue to experience the energies.

This dialogue may end in one of two ways.  You may come to some new understanding about the conflict that allows you to reclaim your own emotional energy.  If so, your work is complete.  If, after about an hour,  you still have a sense of tension and disagreement around your imaginary table,  thank all the participants and put your paper away.  After a few days, take it out again and and reopen the dialogue.


This method is adapted from a healing process taught by the Inner Focus School.

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