Planetary Awareness

March 16, 2009

I have been reflecting on the words of Neale Donald Walsch (published in MAGICAL BLEND #68), “What is needed now … [is] not a slowdown in our technological development, but an in-kind speedup of our collective consciousness…. We must achieve higher and higher states of awareness to go with our higher and higher technological capabilities.”

Many of us have applied principles of manifestation in our personal lives. These principles can also be applied to planetary healing – though this is not a task for one person. Only together can we manifest the healing of the planet.

One of the methods particularly suited for planetary healing is summed up in three verb:  seeing, feeling, being.

Begin by seeing a world in which everyone has the higher states of awareness that we need to go with our higher technological capabilities. What would that world be like? What would deliberations in Congress be like? Find or draw pictures that illustrate this awareness. Find or make up poetry, stories, songs and dances.

Move to feeling. Get excited about a world where everyone has higher states of awareness. Share with your friends the pictures, poetry, stories, songs and dances you discovered in the first step. Tell them how you feel about these things.

From feeling, you naturally move to being. Here you act not as if you alone have higher awareness, but as if everyone had it – and if it seems as if they don’t it’s because they’ve momentarily forgotten.

Your own awareness will lead to action – an action different from that of every other person. Take a moment to consider how you might act. Record your thoughts in a journal. Discuss your inspiration with others. In this way create the group consciousness that manifests the healing of the planet.

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