Touch: A Group Ritual

April 1, 2009

Feeling the Presence of the Divine through Touch

All participants remove their shoes and stand in a circle.  Invoke the four directions. Going around the circle, each person invokes whatever manifestation of the Deity is important to him:  Krishna, Christ, Gaia, Wakan-Tanka….

Split into circles of four to seven persons.  One person in each group removes his clothing, or as much clothing as he wishes. He lies down face up, eyes closed – taking full comfortable breaths. The others kneel or sit cross-legged around him.  One person gently places his hands on an arm or leg of the center person. The person touching says, “When I touch your body, I touch the body of [Krishna], and I am [Krishna] touching your body.”  For “Krishna” the person touching substitutes the name he used in the invocation.

The person in the center says, “When I feel your touch, I feel the touch of [Krishna], and I am [Krishna] feeling your touch.”  The person being touched uses the name used by the person touching.  This touching is repeated around the circle until all are touching the person in the center.

Those in the circle slowly and gently massage the person in the center, conveying as much tenderness and love as possible. They allow their touch to progress onto the body.  After five minutes the person in the center turns over, and the touch continues.  After five more minutes, the person in the center is helped to sit up.  He picks the next person to be touched.  Without dressing, he joins the circle.

When all persons have been touched, everyone stands in one circle.  As a closing, each person thanks the manifestation of Divinity they invoked.  Thanks are given to the four directions.  The group takes three deep breaths and makes three hand claps.

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