Releasing Collective Energies

April 6, 2009

This is a method for releasing collective discordant energies through a sweat lodge.  I assume that those involved already know how to run a lodge. This posting gives individual preparation and the ritual itself.

Individual Preparation

Prepare by learning about current events. Let your heart show you an area that needs healing – perhaps something you find painful. Select a short article that describes the condition.

Now you need markers and a copy of an outline map of the world.  Draw on your map something that expresses your feelings about your area of concern.

The Ritual

When all have made these preparations, they gather for the lodge, undress, and stand in a circle. Each person reads his article and then attaches it and his map to a staff that is part of the lodge altar .

The first door is an invocation. The leader and each participant ask Higher Self and other spiritual beings to assist.  

During the second door each person identifies his situation and asks his Higher self to help him feel the energy. He begins to give in to the energy.

The release is done simultaneously by everyone during the third door, with everyone expressing the energy he is releasing in sound.  The idea is to give in to the energy completely, trusting Higher Self to help you release it safely.  At the height of the sound, the leader will have the door opened, letting the energy out of the lodge.

The fourth door begins with the leader asking each person to draw in higher energies to replace those released. The remainder is done in silence, with everyone visualizing higher energy coming to all participants.

When all have left the lodge and cleaned up, they assemble in a circle, passing a talking stick to let each person express his feelings.

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