How I Work with the Chakras

May 25, 2009

When asked about my workshops in chakra energy, I begin by explaining that chakras, for me, are a way of thinking about energies, emotions and abilities being localized in different parts of the body. Common language bears this out. We say, “I have a gut feeling”; “I have a lump in my throat”; “My heart goes out to him.”

Take one finger and gently touch between your eyes. Find one spot that seems more sensitive, more pleasurable to your touch. This point is connected with the third eye.

In a chakra workshop, after some exercises to get people comfortable with each other, we awaken each of the chakras beginning with the third eye and working down. We use movements that draw our awareness to the chakra – also drumming, meditation, visualization and touch. We spend extra time with the heart chakra so that the rest of our work is done in heart space.

Work with the lower chakras is done without clothing. We use erotic stimulation, as discussed in other postings, to send erotic energy to all the other chakras. This is done first with a partner and then alone. The chakra work concludes with a meditation to connect with higher energies.

Early in my study of chakras I noted that the power chakra comes between the sexual and heart chakras. This seemed to me to show why issues of power often come up for people who are in committed relationships. Power comes between love and sex.

In The Dance Between Power and Intimacy, which will be Sept,. 12-19 in Scotland, we will focus on how this happens and how we can avoid turning our relationships into power struggles. Our work with the chakras will be a key element in this focus.

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