Affirmations for Change

June 9, 2009

For any of the practices in this blog to be effective you must be willing to have the changes in your life that these exercises can produce. You can do an exercise to open your heart for years, but if you are determined to hold on to resentments, your heart will not open very much.

One way to increase your willingness, or at least show you where your willingness is stuck is to use affirmations. My method for working with affirmations is covered in Chakra Affirmations.

The Mantram of Unification (found in The Externalization of the Hierarchy by Alice A Bailey) is a statement that, to me, expresses the results of spiritual practice

  • The sons of men are one and I am one with them.
  • I seek to love, not hate;
  • I seek to serve and not exact due service;
  • I seek to heal, not hurt.
  • Let pain bring due reward of light and love.
  • Let the soul control the outer form and life and all events, And bring to light the love which underlies the happenings of the time.
  • Let vision come and insight.
  • Let the future stand revealed.
  • Let inner union demonstrate and outer cleavages be gone.
  • Let love prevail.
  • Let all men love.

This passage may be turned into a series of affirmations:

  • The sons of men are one; and I, [name] am one with them.
  • I, [name], seek to love, not hate.
  • . . .
  • I, [name], am willing to let all men love.

I don’t recommend writing the eleven affirmation on 110 consecutive days.

All of the practices in this blog have as a fundamental principal the fact that you have your own inner guide to spiritual practice – often referred to as your Higher Self. Your Higher Self will show you what is right for you.

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