An Experience in the Erotic Temple

August 12, 2009

On Sunday I completed a Body Electric intensive called “Erotic Temple.”    The facilitators set a high standard for me to follow during the Edward Carpenter Gay Men’s Week that I’ll facilitating in September.

On the first day I gave and received the erotic massage that is the key-stone of Body Electric work.  This session included two big draws. As we started to prepare for the second, a facilitator suggested envoking a spiritual being.  I found myself saying softly, “I envoke Sanat Kumara.”   (Sanat Kumara is an aspect of divinity in the writings of Helena Blavatsky and Alice Bailey.)  I felt an energy enfuse my body.

As soon as I said this I had second thoughts.  In the Mystery School for Divine Mastery we use guided meditation to enter into the presence of Sanat Kumara, but we don’t invoke him.  In other words, we go to him; he doesn’t come to us.

Yet I had experienced a new energy.

I soon realized that this energy was not Sanat Kumar but an entity taking me to him.  My experience on the massage table changed.  The other men became agents of Sanat Kumara.   What ever was being done was taking me into His presence.  At the big draw I saw a black hole, and then entered into a stone room, with the sense of a being much like Kwan Yin in front of me.  I didn’t hear voices, but I knew that something important had happened.

Later in the week, I would realize that Sanat Kumara was opening doors for me, but that I was also trying to pass through doors that He had not opened, always to my regret.  The experience on the massage table was a prelude to that realization.

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