A New Focus for This Blog

October 20, 2009

This is my first posting in over two months.  During that time I’ve been traveling:  Pennsylvania for an S/M run, England and Scotland to help facilitate a gay men’s week, and finally Las Vegas for the second class of the 2012 Mystery School for Diving Mastery.


I’ve written about the Mystery School.  I’ve mentioned the men’s week and will post something about my expriences.  I’ve never written about my S/M experiences, but I have some thoughts that I’ll share in a few weeks.


While traveling, I’ve been thinking about what this blog might contain.  I’ve already written about the spiritual practices that form the core of my personal daily spiritual life.  I don’t have much more to say on this.


Since coming to Easton Mountain, four years ago, my spiritual focus has changed from personal work to group involvement.  I still do the individual work, but as a support for my group involvement.  It is my intention to focus on group spirituality in the coming months, posting every Monday or Tuesday.


Buddhists speak of the Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sangha.  While the Buddha, to many, may refer to Gautama, the historic Buddha, to me it is the inner divine consciousness:  Buddha-consciousness, Christ-consciousness, Krishna-consciousness.  The Dharma I take to be the highest teachings available to us in all wisdom traditions.  And the Sangha I take to be a community of practice – either one that I am in or one that others are in.


While I know that Easton Mountain is not a perfect spiritual community – has their ever been a perfect spiritual community on this planet? – it is the milieu through which I gain insights. The Sangha that will be my focus in the months to come. 

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