2012 – Doomsday or Enlightenment?

November 10, 2009

I have recently been reading The Mystery of 2012, a collection of essays published by Sounds True, Inc. (a corporation noted for New Age audio recordings).  The collection is a mixed bag, starting with three authors who base their writings on scholarly interpretations of Mayan artifacts – followed by one author who points out that present-day Mayan spiritual teachers have none of these interpretations in their teachings except where they’ve worked with western scholars and New Age theorists.

2012 is the last year of the Mayan calendar  – leading some writers to speculate that the world will end then, others that it will be dramatically transformed.  Still other writers point to accelerating trends for change already apparent in our lives – global warming, political unrest, and the growth of the internet on which this blog is posted.

While the Mayan calendar is probably the best known source of  speculation on 2012, Michael Drosnin, in The Bible Code, declares that God will destroy the Earth in 2012.  Drosin  regards the Bible as a giant puzzle like the kind found on newspaper comics, where the object is to search for words in a pattern of seemingly meaningless letters.  Drosnin will be relegated to a footnote in history, as other doomsday prophets have been when the date of their predicted apocalypse passed.

The inspirational and valuable writers in The Mystery of 2012 focus on the  political, social, and  spiritual awakening that is currently transforming and will continue to transform our lives in profound ways.

Last June I reported on a class in the 2012 Mystery School for Divine Mastery.  I attended a second class in October, and next month will be leading a session in NYC that will focus on the changes that participants see on the horizon.  I’ll report on this in a future posting.

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