Volunteers at Easton Mountain

December 2, 2009

Marshall Roseberg, in his writings on Nonviolent Communication, lists seven categories of needs we all have: autonomy, celebration, integrity, interdependence, physical nurturance, play, and spiritual communion. Under these come a number of needs. One of them is “contribution to the enrichment of life.”

I have been volunteering at Easton Mountain since 2003 and a full-time volunteer-resident since 2006. It has fulfilled my need for contributing “to the enrichment of life” by working for the welfare of gay men and all humanity. The years I’ve been here have been the richest and most satisfying years of my life. I’ve worked with many men who have volunteered for short of long periods – as well as men on the paid staff.

Men volunteer at Easton Mountain for many reasons. Most want to be able to contribute to the mission of Easton – to create a world where gay men can live in an environment that supports them. But often volunteers also have personal goals. They want time to reflect in an atmosphere that supports their spiritual growth. They want to explore new paths of spirituality or have time to explore their personal path.

I take an interest in helping volunteers have the experiences they seek and in reaching their personal goals. I’ve taught one man to crochet; I’ve helped several men learn techniques of meditation; I’ve given free sessions in Energy Healing; I’ve helped some men develop their own abilities as healers; and I’ve assisted some in exploring erotic spirituality. If their goals are outside my expertise, I have them connect with other residents and staff who can help them.

If you are interested in volunteering at Easton for a weekend, a week, a month or a season, please contact me for more information.

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