Agreements – II

February 2, 2010

Easton Mountain’s Mission

In the first of fifteen agreements that the residents of Easton Mountain have made with each other, we have agreed “to support the mission and vision of Easton Mountain.” Our Mission Statement has five sentences, starting with,“Easton Mountain is a community, retreat center and sanctuary created by gay men as a gift to the world.”

Each person at Easton Mountain has personal reasons for being here. Marshall Rosenberg, in Non-Violent Communication, lists “[contributing] to the enrichment of life ” and “community” as two needs of every human being. Living at Easton Mountain fulfills these needs for me.

The second sentence reads, “In workshops, programs and events we provide opportunities to celebrate, heal, transform, and integrate body, mind and spirit.”

In addition to fulfilling my needs for service and community, I experience growth and fun as I participate in programs: sometimes serious like breathwork, meditation, or yoga – sometimes lighter, like body painting or dancing – sometimes erotic, like a Body Electric workshop – or sometimes creative, like the upcoming “Expressing Your Inner Self,” which will focus on life drawing, movement, poetry and video.

The best way to illustrate the third sentence, “We offer our land, rich in beauty and wisdom, as home to a community that extends beyond the land, “ is to show pictures of this land.

Flowers in the Garden

Easton Mountain's Garden

Flower bed

Flowers in Front of the Guest House

Fall colors

The Mountain in the Fall

Our fellowship includes hundreds of men who don’t live at Easton but regard it as a second home. Members of our extended community often have as deep a commitment to Easton as our residents. This is reflected in the last two sentences: “We are a worldwide fellowship of people enriched by our connection to Easton Mountain. This fellowship is a positive force for change in the world.”

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