Agreements – III

February 9, 2010

Easton Mountain’s Values

While the Mission of Easton Mountain provides a clear and brief statement of the goals we have promised to support as residents of Easton, the statements of values provide, for me, a clearer picture of how Easton Mountain relates to my personal values. These statements begin: “We Value: Each individual’s spiritual path and the quest for connection and understanding.”

If you’ve been following my postings in this blog or if you look back through its postings, you will see that my spiritual path has been important to me. Perhaps living at Easton Mountain is the culmination of that path in this lifetime, for everything I’ve done has given me experiences that I use in ways that I hope will further the mission and values of Easton Mountain.

We value “The beauty of the Earth, and our practice of stewardship on it.” Even the icicles that hang from my cabin bring up in my feelings of gratitude for beauty.

My cabin in winter

As for our stewardship: through recycling and composting, we strive to have minimum impact on the land – as we explore was to increase our stewardship.

Thirdly, we value “The joy and wisdom our bodies bring.”

Mine has always been a body oriented, if not a body centered spirituality. The body is, to me, a tool for spiritual exploration.

Sunfire in yoga class

I’m the naked man on the right in this yoga class; but, as you can see elsewhere in my blog, yoga is only one of many physical ways that my body serves my spiritual path: walking meditation, partner meditation, and erotic meditation are three ways of meditating that use the body, and all three have been parts of my praxis.

In the next posting, I’ll comment on other parts of the vision of Easton Mountain.

One Response to “Agreements – III”

  1. polynesian69 said

    I love the freedom I sense in your practice, look forward to becoming more acquainted with Sunfire.


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