Agreements – IV

February 15, 2010

More on Easton Mountain’s Values

For the past few weeks, I’ve been presenting thoughts on Easton Mountain’s statement of values, because support of these values is one of the primary agreements of those who live at Easton Mountain.

The fourth statement of values affirms our support for “The expression of love, intimacy and erotic communion.” A glance at our calendar shows how we affirm that support. We host programs for Body Electric and we sponsor programs like Authentic Eros and Heart Centered Touch. Our community-led retreats like Gay Freedom Camp and Gay Spirit Camp always include sessions on massage, sensual touch, and erotic touch. We also have programs such as Opening Our Hearts to Relationship, which focus on the psychological aspects of intimacy.

My own interest in “love, intimacy and erotic communion” developed long before the start of Easton Mountain. The erotic for me is a tool for connecting with the Divine – and I think this is true for all other programs leaders at Easton Mountain working in this area.

The fifth value statement affirms our support for “Service and those who strive to make life better for others.” Nonprofit organizations rely heavily on volunteers, and Easton is no exception. Men will come for a weekend, a week, a month or a whole summer. Some of us may leave feeling burnt out – I spent the 2008-09 winter away from Easton Mountain – only to return with new vigor and enthusiasm. We buy into the vision of Easton Mountain and its call for service.

Research has shown that gay men are often drawn to service professions. The world becomes our family. I don’t need research to show me this. I know it’s true for myself, and I see it every day in the lives of men who come to Easton Mountain.

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