Agreements – V

February 22, 2010

Creativity at Easton Mountain

In the past few weeks, I’ve posted thoughts on Easton Mountain’s statement of value, the values that we who live at Easton Mountain have agreed to support.

Our sixth value affirms our support for “Creativity, celebration, fun and gaiety.” Easton Mountain has never had funds to support creative men the way we would like, but we have had several artists in residence who were able to work within our budget or find outside funding. One man created a series of temporary art pieces, another a series of photos of Christ blessing a group of naked men (one with “QUEER” tattooed on his back), while others have created painting, music and twenty-foot steel sculptures. This past summer, during Queer Spirit Camp, a group of men developed Spirit Theater, out of their own poetry and movement.

The video above reminds me of the words of William Blake: “Art can never exist without naked beauty displayed”.

In June we will have a long weekend devoted to Expressing Your Inner Self. It will include movement art, poetry, life drawing and video – and will be facilitated by the poet Douglas Allen (Weathervanes, published by Feral Press), David Kidd (M. A. with a concentration in Art History who has facilitated life drawing at other Easton Mountain retreats), and John Ollom (an accomplished choreographer and skilled dance teacher who also specializes in helping those who are not professional dancers find expression through movement). I will facilitate video for this retreat. The Spirit Theater video is an example of my work. There are also examples in other postings on this blog and on the blog Easton Mountain Experiences.

This covers creativity. In my next posting I’ll discuss celebration, fun and gaiety at Easton Mountain.

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