Ritual in Red Rock Canyon

March 5, 2010

Last year I wrote about visiting Red Rock Canyon as part of The Mystery School for Divine Mastery. Today, in another session of the same school, we again visited this beautiful National Conservation Area. While there, we did a healing ritual for the Earth. As this also relates to group spritualty, I’m departing from my intention to post something about agreements and values at Easton Mountain, to include this account of our ritual.

  • We stood in a circle.
  • We said an invocation – not to some distant deity – but to the deepest parts of ourselves.
  • I poured water into a bowl.
  • I asked the group to tone healing energy into the water.
  • I passed the bowl to my right.
  • We each held the bowl for one breath.
  • When iit returned to me, I spoke of how we are connected through the earth to every sacred spot on the earth and to every spot of war and conflict.
  • I turned and, walking in a clockwise circle, poured water onto the desert sand – the circle of particpants and the circle of water together creating an infinty sign.
  • Words from the U.N. Environmental Sabbath were spoken.
  • I recited and then sang a song inspired by those words.
  • We sang and danced a Sufi-style dance that we had developed several months earlier.
  • AlixSandra Paness, founder of the schoool, spoke of the significance of what we did.

Early next week I’ll continue my postings on the Agreements at Easton Mountain with some photos that show how we value “celebration, fun, and gaiety.”

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