Agreements – VI

March 9, 2010

Celebration, Fun, and Gaiety at Easton Mountain

My posting two weeks ago covered creativity at Easton Mountain.  I was commenting on the phrase in our statement of values that says that we value “Creativity, celebration, fun and gaiety.”  In this posting, I want to elaborate on the rest of this statemen by presenting some pictures that show how we value “celebration, fun and gaiety.”

 We express this value —

 With dance.

 Men contra-dancing

With body paint.

 Two men with body paint

One man with body paint


With drag.

 Man in drag

Man in drag with bodybuilders

With food.

 Platter of pizza

Plate of food


With games.

 Man Serving Volleyball

In the pool.

 Man splashing in pool

Men hugging in pool

With a bonfire.

 Two men at bonfire

In the hot tub.

 Two men in hot tub

With a mud bath.

Man in mudbath 

By relaxing with a friend.

 Two men in hammock

With ritual.

 Men in ritual

With song.

Man singing

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