Agreements VIII

March 22, 2010


Our eighth value affirms “Community, the support it provides, the strength and love it brings.”

It’s impossible for me to count the number of men who consider themselves part of our extended community – for whom Easton Mountain is a second home. From the very beginning, men have come here and found a welcoming atmosphere, spiritual sustenance, and a way of life that reflects their own deepest values.

This is not to say that Easton Mountain is a utopia. Far from it – especially in the resident community. We have our disagreements. We push each other’s buttons. We rub each other the wrong way. But in doing so, we grow.

When I first came to Easton Mountain, I affirmed the statement in “A Course in Miracles.”

A teacher of God is anyone who chooses to be one.  His qualifications consist solely in this; somehow, somewhere he has made a deliberate choice in which he did not see his interests as apart from someone else’s. Once he has done that, his road is established and his direction is sure.

There is a sense that I have about Easton Mountain, that the grace which is implied in this quotation is part of our spirit. This goes back to 2001, the first summer of programs, when volunteers appeared spontaneously just when they were needed. Volunteers still make up an important part of the Easton Community – men who find strength and love in service. If you are interested in volunteering, you can find information on the Easton Mountain website.

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