Agreements – IX

March 29, 2010

Social Justice

The ninth statement in Easton Mountain’s list of values states that we value “Work for peace, non-violence and social justice: ending oppression and healing the impact it has had on all people.” At Easton Mountain, we don’t have a vision of saving the world, just a vision of our doing our part in saving the world. This is an area where individual residents have developed their own activities. I have become active in the Greenwich Citizens Committee, an organization that works for social reform in the local area. Others have chosen to express the social concerns by participating in demonstrations for gay rights and marriage equality. Most of us support one or more civic minded organizations with contributions. Many write letters to elected officials expressing our concerns.

To me, social action is an integral part of spiritual life. A spiritual life without social action is barren self indulgence. A valid spiritual life naturally leads to a concern for the world in which we live – and one’s work in this area grows out of one’s spiritual life and is informed by it.

The rudder of a giant ship is difficult to turn – after all, turning it will change the direction of the vessel. Nautical engineers attach to the main rudder a smaller rudder. Turning this rudder requires much less force, but it is capable of turning the main rudder, which in turn changes the direction of the ship. In the same way, a small organization may change the direction of a small segment of society, and this may change the direction of society as a whole. Those who consciously lead a spiritual life, look to the spiritual dimension to find that small rudder that will ultimately change the course of history.

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