Agreements – X

April 5, 2010


The last of Easton Mountain’s vision statements says that we value “Hospitality that welcomes all others as sisters and brothers.”  At times, we’ve used the words “Radical Hospitality.”  There has been some debate about the level of hospitality we can and should offer without endangering our overall mission.  We don’t have the ability to give long-term physical or psychological help to those with serious mental or physical illnesses.  But we have extended help to a number of individuals who sought sanctuary here: a man mourning the sudden, accidental death of his partner; a man recovering from a heart attack and another recovering from open-heart surgery; a young man who spent most of his adolescence in juvenile detention; a man trying to build a life after a debilitating stroke.  We didn’t seek these individuals.  They came to us and after careful consideration we felt that we were being called to give assistance.

As someone devoted to the spiritual life, I constantly ask what I am called to do – what is my part in contributing to the highest good for all concerned.  Discussion at Easton often center around the pragmatic question of what we are able to do – but they are still framed in the light of Easton Mountain as a spiritual community hoping to do its part in making the world a better place.

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