A Ritual for a Garden

April 12, 2010

The Garden, waiting for man and spirit

The Garden, waiting for man and spirit

For thousands of years, spring has been the time of planting gardens. For most of that time, cultivation was accompanied by rituals to assure favorable growing conditions and a good harvest. We lost something when these earth-centered traditions were abandoned.

Honoring the directions

Honoring the directions

As I think about this year’s garden at Easton Mountain, I think of the forces that will make it grow: sunlight, rain, soil, human hands, and the spark of life within each seed. My mind turns to what the elements of a ritual invoking and honoring these forces might be:

  • Smudging participants and the land
  • Doing the ritual sky-clad – or having an inner circle of those choosing to remove clothing and an outer circle of those remaining clothed
  • Invoking the spirits of the directions: east, south, west, north, sky, earth and heart (center)
  • Expanding heart chakra energy to fill the garden
  • Putting blessings into water and pouring it on the earth
  • Putting prayers into tobacco and either scattering or burning it
  • Holding a seed and meditating on its life force
  • Planting the seed
  • When all seeds are planted, ending the ritual by asking permission to leave the garden so that we may attend to our other needs while the spirits care for the garden and all those who come there for renewal and healing.

May 14-16 will be a work weekend at Easton Mountain in which we will plant seeds that will grow in our plastic-covered greenhouse until the June 18-20 work weekend when the seedlings will be planted. On Saturday morning, May 15, we will have a ritual in the garden to start this work – a ritual that may incorporate some or all of the above elements.

A place to connect with nature and our deepest self.

A place to connect with nature and our deepest self.

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