Awakening a Partner’s Chakras

April 20, 2010

I had three hours of great sex with my boyfriend. Then we slept with our bodies pressed against each other. In the morning, we used this method to awaken each other’s chakras.

I had him lie on the bed, naked, in the yoga asana known as savasana. I used my tongue to make forty-nine small circles on his third eye point. Except for my tongue I touched him as little as possible. Then I pursed my lips and blew on the same spot seven times. In this same fashion, I awakened his throat chakra, heart chakra, power chakra and sexual chakra. Then I had him lift his legs and hold them so that I could bring my tongue to his perineum, and I repeated the forty-nine circles and the seven breaths. Next, I had him visualize energy rising from his root chakra to his crown as he took seven deep breaths.

He then used the same method to awaken my chakras.

After that, we meditated lying side by side, each with a hand the the other’s cock. My point of focus was my own cock with his hand touching it. His point of focus was his cock with my hand touching it. With hands in this position, it was easy to feel each other breathing in and out, and thus synchronize our breaths

I’d welcome comments from anyone who uses this praxis.

2 Responses to “Awakening a Partner’s Chakras”

  1. S_Byers said

    Hygiene didn’t seem to feature highly in this ritual.

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