Creating an Altar

May 18, 2010

Earlier this month, volunteers painted the inside of The Temple at Easton Mountain. As part of this process, all items on the altar were removed. These were a collection of things that many people had placed there over the eight years since the temple was built. Last Friday I recreated the altar.

After placing a blue cloth over the altar table, I put a rainbow-colored ribbon down the center, front to back. On it I put stones and crystals symbolizing earth. On each side I positioned statues and objects symbolizing various religious and spiritual traditions. On the right and left sides I placed bowls or bowl-like objects, forming a container for the truth of the altar. Above the altar I hung a rainbow-colored fabric and the Sanskrit symbol for Om. At the front of the altar I placed a row of candles , symbolizing the light that comes to us as we contemplate spiritual truth. Inside the arc of statues I put two books symbolizing all written religious traditions – a Koran and a Roman Catholic Missal. I avoided anything in the center that would create a bias toward one tradition, but the altar didn’t seem complete. Then my eye fell upon a Native American medicine shield that had never before been part of the altar. Placing it on the wall below the Om made the altar complete.

Altar as arranged on Friday, 5.14

The Altar on 5/14

The shield represents the the interaction of earth spirituality – the crystals – with the divine force of creation – the Om. The figurines and books on either side represent the manifest traditions that have evolved from the first earth-centered faiths.

Sooner or later, someone will change the altar. That’s okay. My hope it it will be done from a connection to Spirit and inner truth.

2 Responses to “Creating an Altar”

  1. Moss Tidd said

    I love the new altar.

  2. It will be good to see the new altar. I wasn’t in the temple the last time I was there. Altar making can be so renewing.

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