May 26, 2010

A friend of mine recently shared his six-step exercise routine with me.

  1. I place a cock ring or two around my grateful balls.
  2. I gently grease up my ever-wanting hot asshole …. then work my black dildo slowly up into the max … mmmmmmmm – then work my dildo to a really comfortable position holding it in place with the open heel of my soft slipper.
  3. I rim my nipples with spit and the inside of my snake suckers too – then plug them on – OH SOOOOO good!  I rest in place for about five minutes before I start to do fifty crunches for my belly muscles – all the time doing Keigle exercises to strengthen my ass muscles.
  4. Then I place a pillow under my slipper with the dildo up my ass and do fifty stomach lifts.  The pull on my stomach muscles is so erotic and is sooo healthy.
  5. Next I replace my nipple plungers with tighter clothespins, turn on my side … still with the dildo up my ass and do fifty leg lifts as high as I can, turn and do fifty on the other side.  Then I remove the clothespins and massage my breasts with cocoa butter. 
  6. I repeat the exercises …. rest for five minutes, take my dildo and cock ring(s) off and out and rest gratefully for another five minutes before I get up and have some water.

If we can find a way to incorporate erotic pleasure into things that are good for us – like exercise and meditation – we’re more likely to do them.  That’s why I do aerobic ski-walking naked when I’m at Easton Mountain and why I mediate naked.

2 Responses to “Sexercises”

  1. […] past weekend, I spent a night with my boyfriend. In the morning, we worked on seeing how the “sexercises” that I posted last week could work for partners. For the crunches and abdominal lifts, he lay on […]

  2. OK, I think I need a session being coached through all this…

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