Partner Sexercises

June 3, 2010

This past weekend, I spent a night with my boyfriend. In the morning, we worked on seeing how the “sexercises” that I posted last week could work for partners. For the crunches and abdominal lifts, he lay on his back as I knelt between his legs. This gave my mouth access to his cock. When he turned on his side for side leg lifts, I lay facing him so that I could hold his dildo in place.

We added a new exercise. With me on top of him in sixty-nine position, he did first one leg lift fifty time, the other fifty times, and finally lifting both legs together up and down fifty times. Then we reversed roles.

There are things I would like to add to this sequence – perhaps some yoga from Aaron Star’s video of Partner Yoga, or the motions for awakening the chakras that are found on my website, one of us doing the motion while the other helps by stimulating his partner’s erotic energy.

I’m reminded of the words of one of my teachers: “When I enjoy life, I relax and release resistance, I flow easily with the stream of goodness that is who I AM.” I sent this quote to my boyfriend, who replied that it was “Very thoughtful and true to what I am trying to do or realize about my life.

As I get more experienced with the spiritual path, I realize that it’s not about meditating alone on a mountain top. Every relationship I have is an opportunity to bring Love into my life – whether sexually expressed or not sexually expressed. Any path to Love is a path to God.

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