Working with Internal Landscapes©

June 9, 2010

I have been working with John Ollom on a documentary of his movement art piece “M. U. D. (Me Under Dirt).” Part of that work was created using his system of choreography through psychic exploration, called Internal Landscapes©.

This past weekend I helped facilitate at retreat at Easton Mountain where John taught Internal Landscapes©. I came to a new realization of the depth of that process and and how it informs his work.

Three of the five performers in M.U.D. represent archetypes: The Divine Masculine, the Divine Feminine, and the Shadow. They are aspects of John, but because the work was created collaboratively using Internal Landscapes© they also come from the psyches of the other performers. Since the archetypes are universal, it’s no surprise that the elements created by each performer blend into a unified whole. Each performer is embodying an archetype that is both within himself and within John.

I’ve described M.U.D. as “Pilobolus with a violent edge.” You can see some of this in the trailer that’s on YouTube. It seems understandable that a shadow personality should be violent, but recognizing that the divine masculine and the divine feminine may also be part of our inner turmoil requires deep investigation of our psychological makeup. After seeing and filming M. U.D. several times, my own epiphany has been that all evil may be inappropriate expression of internal archetypes.

During the retreat, I had an opportunity to work with the process of Internal Landscapes©, and I found myself exploring the archetype of the priest. My work has been videotaped, but that will be a subject for another posting on this blog.

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