Completing the Inner Focus Mystery School

June 21, 2010

In June of last year I posted something about my first class with the Inner Focus Mystery School for Divine Mastery. Last Saturday was my final session of that school. I received a certificate which, in part, reads, “You have achieved spiritual leadership inspired by the World Soul to recognize the Mystery of Life, and share the joy of that wisdom through the path of allowing.”

I have described my first class, in the mid nineties, with AlixSandra, founder of the Inner Focus School, in a previous posting. My mastery has not been a sudden initiation – but rather a gradual acceptance of my place as a spiritual master who is still learning what it means to be a master. I was given a glimpse of that in my first class, and my consciousness has evolved through study and through some teaching, mostly during one-day workshops in New York City and during community-led retreats at Easton Mountain. Now I am called to expand that teaching

I’ve created a new page on this blog, Mystery School. It describes my unfolding vision of a mystery school for spiritual explorers. In other postings on this blog, I’ve spoken of myself as a spiritual explorer, and this new teaching endeavor is a logical extension of my life as a spiritual explorer. There will be further postings on the blog about the school’s activities and teachings.

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