July 6, 2010

On Independence Day, I attended a session that was part of Gay Freedom Camp at Easton Mountain. It was called “Writing Prayers with (and for) Our Bodies.” This series of blessings grew out of that experience.

Blessed be the testes of my father and the womb of my mother, giving me the life that was in them.

Blessed be the Sun, the Earth and the water, giving me the food that has nourished my body.

Blessed be the air I breathe each day and the bed on which I sleep.

Blessed be the Spirit entering my body as breath, giving me understanding of the Universe and my oneness with it.

Blessed be my songs wherein I praise thee: Life, Spirit, Sun, Father, Mother, God.

Blessed be the lips that kiss me, the tongue that touches my tongue, and the hands that touch my body with love.

Blessed be the Life, Spirit, Sun, Father and Mother of the man who touches me with Love.

Blessed be the Soul we share in our exploration of Life Spirit.

Blessed be the energy that explodes from our loins. May that explosion bless all who are touched by our energy of Life. Spirit, Body, Mind, Father, Mother, God.

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