Why Have Another Mystery School?

July 19, 2010

A friend recently read my posting about how a mystery school differs from a cult, and responded as follows|

I love this passage because it states very clearly what I don’t like about religions and what I do like about science. …. With science, you are supposed to think about what everybody says and decide whether it makes sense, then you are supposed to do something for yourself and add to the progress of science in your own creative way.

I agree with the idea of thinking “about what everybody says,” deciding “whether it makes sense,” and then doing “something for yourself.” In fact, it summarizes for me the idea of a Spiritual Explorers’ Mystery School.

Some words from Gautama Buddha say the same: “Be ye lamps unto yourselves; be your own confidence; hold to the truth within yourselves as to the only lamp.” Gautama lived in the 5th century, B.C.E., where the concept of science didn’t exist – so is it right to call a search for personal truth “science”? I think not.

The world’s best scientists recognize the limitations of science. The philosopher, Ken Wilber, divides all knowledge into four quadrants. Science is in only one of the four.

A Google search on “Mystery School” yields about 15,900 entries – some of which may refer to institutions that are more like cults than like my definition of a mystery school. But my friend’s words and my response brought home to me how the Spiritual Explorers’ Mystery School is different. It is a vehicle through which I share techniques for knowing what makes sense to me and inviting others to share what makes sense for them and how they arrived at their conclusions. We become explorers together as we each find our personal truth.

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