July 26, 2010

In recent postings I’ve been exploring the idea of Life as a great Mystery School, with classes in spirituality and self improvement being classes in this Mystery School – whether they identify themselves as such or not. While I rely on my Higher Self in determining which programs are right for me, there are also certain warning signs that signal to me that I should not have anything to do with a training.

There was one experience that I had a number of years ago, before I had a clear sense of Higher Self signals,. I registered for a program led by a California psychologist brought to New Jersey by a friend I trusted,. At the start of the weekend we were presented with a paper that we were told we must sign stating that we would not leave the workshop and we would also do our best to prevent others from leaving.

I was more disturbed by the second part of the demand – that I must try to prevent others from leaving. I told the leader that I would not sign the paper and that I expected a full refund of what I had paid – which I got.

I’ve since discovered a program that not only has agreements like this but who also demands that participants surrender car keys, wallets and cell phones. I don’t usually give advice in this column, but one things I would advise everyone I know is that if you find yourself in a program that demands these items to insure you will remain in the program, you get away fast – even if it means using your cell phone to call a cab.

One Response to “Warning!”

  1. Mark said

    That has troubled me about this group’s signature program as well. If something is actually worth attending, then coercive tactics (including heavy peer pressure) aren’t necessary. Even their approach to the heavily-pressured carpooling is manipulative at best.

    After all, people usually want to cooperate and why would anyone choose to leave early without good reason when he’s paid for an event.

    The damage that can be done to a minority by shaming them away from making choices far outweighs the benefit others may receive. We’ve got enough shaming of this kind going on in the world already!

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