Purification by Fire

August 23, 2010

One of the summer volunteers at Easton Mountain brought with him some papers from a painful part of his life – with the intention of burning them as a way of releasing the emotional energy of his experiences. He approached Easton Mountain’s resident artist, Hunter Reynolds, who helped him create a fire ceremony.

Together they created a cast of his torso, which the man painted.
Cast of torso being painted
He turned the papers into chains that were placed on the torso.

Effigy with paper chains

When the evening for the burn came, the man’s body was painted by another volunteer.

Painter and painted

Rear view of body painting

The community gathered. Words were spoken. The man’s body was washed with an herbal infusion. Then, as members of the community drummed, Hunter lit the fire.

Hunter lighting the fire

The drumming continued until the effigy was consumed.

Ceremonial fire

We all placed our hands on the man as a final blessing.

A concept I’ve learned from Inner Focus is that of the Group Soul. This ritual is an example of a group soul in action – the Higher Selves of everyone in the community joining to create a healing not only for one man but for all involved.

One Response to “Purification by Fire”

  1. Rex Harley said

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful cleansing ritual. It looks very beautiful. I can imagine incorporating some parts of it into one or more my rituals in the future. Healers always heal themselves when they assist another to heal.

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