The Orange Blob

September 13, 2010

“There’s a performance going on out on the lawn.”

I grabbed my smallest video camera and my oldest tripod and headed for the lawn north of the Lodge here at Easton Mountain. Just beyond the volley-ball court I saw the orange blob. Spectators seemed to be keeping a safe distance, through many were laughing.

The performance had already started when I got my camera set up – but the flavor of the piece is captured in this video.

When I showed the video to a friend he replied:

Loved the creative interaction and play video!!!! Great concept…. Constructively speaking… a metamorphosis of evolution seemed to be happening…a birthing that is spirited and supported by discovery and playful companionship. A way of being born without discovering the world so traumatically…Birth with play and creativity.

I would have loved to hear some intriguing abstract music along with the action…possibly Stravinsky … with the camera panning in and out of the abstract forms as they roll on Mother Earth…Also perhaps a more communal ending … nude forms supporting and holding each other, slowly and lovingly rubbing one another (not erotically but supportively) before opening ever so slowly into the world…..ending in a quiet pile of newborn adult flesh. I also loved the sound effects of the wind. The nude models could have skin tight scull caps as well.

My friend’s words brought home to me the spiritual and ritual aspect of this work. In most group creations we see the separate performers, and the group aspect of their work is not always evident. Here it is in your face, and the Divine energy of four men becomes manifest in the work – unless we just spend our time laughing.

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