Meditation for Christ Consciousness

October 6, 2010

In previous postings, I’ve written about my experiences with classes held is Las Vegas, NV. Part of my work has been the study of how to manifest the consciousness we want. As a healer, I know that the highest state I can manifest is that of Christ consciousness or Buddha consciousness. Even to resonate at a lower frequency in harmony with Christ consciousness raises my consciousness level.

Yesterday morning in meditation I was given a symbol of this consciousness, a beam of light coming from above and slightly to my right, the light forming a circle on the ground. I felt myself seated not in the center of that circle, but to one side, facing center. At times, I saw other symbols in space. I looked at them and let them go without judgement. Thoughts came and went, but I always returned to the visualization of the light and my place in it. After the meditation I made a rough drawing to help me remember what I had experienced.

Beam of Light

Image for Christ Consciousness Meditation

If it seems good to you, try meditating using this visualization or create your own symbol for Christ consciousness and meditate on it. Avoid symbols that connect you with anything in religion that you find oppressive. You might simply write the words “Christ consciousness” and then feel yourself attuning to the vibration of these words.

Other techniques include:

  • Being naked
  • Listening to music as led by your Higher Self
  • Dancing to this music
  • Raising erotic energy with or without sending it into the world through ejaculation or a big draw
  • Doing yoga asanas – asking your Higher Self to show you which ones are right
  • Other practices from your Higher Self

If you choose, share with me any insights you get from this meditation.

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