Unifying Yin and Yang

October 27, 2010

One of the smaller social networks to which I belong is called My Out Spirit. When I joined, I was asked for a “Big Question,” and the answer I wrote was more retorical than something I wanted to know: ”

How to unify yin and yang, masculine and feminine?’ I was hoping this was something people would contemplate, because part of the spiritual path is unifying the disparate parts of ourselves, the active and passive, the masucline and feminine, the yin and yang.. Recently, someone replied: “You’re one of the few people that could answer this question! You’ve been living this question for HOW long now? How many experiments and practices have you created and shared? What’s the answer, Sunfire” At times I’ve been consulted by people who felt a division between the masuline and feminine within themselves, or just a division between the right a left sides of their bodies. When faced with such a situation I’ve had the client focus first on one side of the body, then the other, using my hands to bring awareness to one side ot he body, then the other, then both sides. This has often been all that was necessary for this unification.

If this was not enough, I would look for a discordant energy that blocked the flow. When the client became aware of this energy, he was able to release it through the guidance and power of his Higher Self.

That’s my answer. Unifying the fargmented parts of our psychies is, at first, a major part of our spiritual paths. As we trust our Higher Selves for this integartion, we learn to trust this same source of guidance for other areas, until finally we become one with this part of ourselves that knows we are one with All That Is

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