A Sexual Chakra Network

December 15, 2010

I have long been aware that I can connect with others on the level of their Higher Selves. As I’ve prepared for the workshops and retreats that I’ve lead, I’ve sensed a group Higher Self guiding my actions. I also know that I connect with others through our heart chakras, and this has formed the basis for a ritual that I include in both my retreats and my work with individuals – expanding our heart chakra energy to include the whole Universe. It therefore seems evident to me that we should be able to connect through any of our chakras, including the sexual chakra.

Jesus said, “God is Love.” Whenever there is a connection between two or more people that is honest and selfless, that connection is a manifestation of the Divine. And this connection could be on the level of the sexual chakra.

On January 16, I’ll be hosting another tele-seminar, this time on the theme of Sex and Spirituality. It will be an experiment to see if we can create a network of sexual energy for healing our planet. I will have two suggestions for those participating. The first is to call in from a place where you have privacy. At some time during the seminar I will suggest that you remove your clothes and experience the sense of sacred space that comes from being naked. The second is to participate with a friend with whom you already have an erotic connection. This will further enhance the erotic web around the planet.

People may think that this is off-the-wall. Some may find it immoral. But the goal of the spiritual explorer is to try new ways of connecting with the Divine. Each attempt has something to teach us.

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