Creating Realities

December 21, 2010

I received an email from Jason, a tantric teacher in London, addressed not specifically to me but to his email list: “How was this year for you? Did you achieve everything that you wanted to this year? Did the year pan out for you the way that you wanted and hoped it would? Or did it feel frustrating?”

No, Jason, I didn’t achieve everything I wanted in 2010, but it didn’t feel frustrating.

A few years ago, I attended a men’s weekend in the Catskills. Toward the end of the retreat I mentioned to the son of one of the leaders that the things I had hoped for in the weekend had happened, but not in the way that I had expected. He said that our hopes are in the language of dreams, but what occurs is in the framework of reality.

That lesson stayed with me. About twenty years ago I wrote about a spiritual community of my dreams. I’m now living in community at Easton Mountain. Is it the community that I dreamed about – not at all! Is it the community that is right for me now – most certainly!

A few weeks ago I set up a website for something I call the Spiritual Explorers’ Mystery School. I have a dream of what that will be, but I know that my vision is in the framework of dreams. I won’t be frustrated if those dreams don’t become reality because I know that those who join me in this dream will affect its reality.

On January 16, I’ll be hosting a teleseminar on the topic, “Sex and Spirituality.” If this were my attempt to create a reality, it would lead to frustration. As I accept the reality that is created, I grow into fulfillment.


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