“Live From A Generous Heart”

January 13, 2011

My post on November 20 gave a personal code of honor. I’ve discussed the first two items in this code: integrity and embracing differences. My thoughts turn to the third item: “Live From A Generous Heart.”

I don’t find generosity easy – at least not monetarily. I do, however, strive to let Spirit decide what gifts I shall make.

On June 9, 2008, I posted a method I have for getting guidance from my Higher Self. I use this to determine when to make a contribution. On most mornings, after twenty minutes of sitting naked in silent meditation. I spread some index cards in front of me. On each card is an activity, and I place the cards face down, Without knowing what is written on each card, I use my left hand to sense energy coming from one of the cards. I pick up the card and ask if this is for the highest good of all concerned. When I get a “yes” signal, that is an activity for that day.

If I get the card that says “Make a contribution,” I use other cards with names of charities to select the one to which I will send money, and I use cards with amounts to select how much I will give.

This method of working with Higher Self signals isn’t for everyone. If you are a spiritual explorer you need to find your own way of sensing guidance from your Higher Self. But part of being a spiritual explorer is living from a generous heart – not giving away everything you own, but being sensitive to the prompting of your Higher Self in all areas, including generosity.


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