“Allow Your Magnificence to Shine”

January 18, 2011

This is the fourth line of a personal code of honor, posted November 20.

In one sense, I have no magnificence other than that which is born of my connection with my Higher Self, and to All That Is. So my endeavor to follow this means that I am constantly striving to let Divine Magnificence flow through me.

Last Sunday, I conducted a tele-seminar on Sex and Spirituality where I tried to give the participants some kind of experience of the link between sexuality and spirituality – as far as the medium of the teleconference allowed. I tried, as I do in all my speaking and writing, to connect with my Higher Self and the Group Soul, and speak from that place. After the seminar I was criticized by two participants – one of whom was a former teacher – leading me to wonder whether I didn’t connect with my Higher Self as well as I should have. This makes me feel vulnerable, though I strive to learn the lessons that come from this.

Should I judge my performance based on comments of only two people? I don’t think so, and I’ve asked the other participants to give me evaluations.

The seminar is available on line. I’d be grateful if you would listen and give me feedback – even if it’s, “I found this boring and only listened for five minutes.” Allowing magnificence to shine is for me a way of growth, as I strive to honestly evaluate my link to Spirit and to handle the criticism that comes when I’ve let myself be seen as what I believe is a magnificent person.

Maybe this line should read, “Allow Your Magnificence to Shine, but don’t let it feed your ego.”

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