“Require Responsibility”

January 26, 2011

When AlixSandra Parness first introduced the “Thou Shalt’s” during the 2012 Mystery School for Divine Mastery, “Thou Shalt Require Responsibility.” was the one to which some of the students raised objections. I felt that it was a necessary commandment for me, that I needed to require responsibility of myself. I tend to take on too much, say that I will do things, and then find myself with a half-dozen tasks all demanding my immediate attention.

Later AlixSandra gave a new definition of responsibility: “The Ability to Respond in Joy!” This gave me a new perspective. Each of the tasks that I’ve taken on is my response to a situation: a friend’s need, a community problem, a prompting from Spirit. When I see responsibility as the ability to respond in joy, I find myself in a whole new dimension

Last Thursday, I came upon a website, “CERNUNNOS CIRCLE: Erotic Rituals For Modern Men“, and I recognized the author as a fellow spiritual explorer. My response was to immediately put two links to his blog on pages of this blog. I also asked the author to explore the possibility of doing a tele-seminar with me on “Sex and Ritual.” This was, in joy, my response to his website – which is to say it was my way of acting with responsibility.

I’m also responding with joy to my friend Dr Ray Werking’s request to appear next Sunday on Homo Radio, which is a show every Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on WRPI. I don’t know the exact time when I’ll be on. WRPI is available on line.

In this light, requiring responsibility of my self is not an onerous or even difficult task, but rather my actions flow with spontaneous joy.

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