“Strive to Expand Consciousness”

February 1, 2011

Everything I have written in this blog is about expanding consciousness. “Spirituality” means expanding consciousness. In my Spiritual Autobiography, I am writing about my efforts to expand consciousness. The meditations I’ve presented are tools for expanding consciousness. Sex becomes sacred when it is used as a tool to expand consciousness. Even the simple act of mindfully taking off our clothes can expand consciousness. Sunlight on the skin brings new sensations, Our bodies respond in a new way.

On the weekend of January 21-23, I participated in a retreat lead by Nero Markoff called “A Gathering of Curious Souls.” It was described as “a time to discover where you are in your life,” but for me it was more than that. In one exercise, we were asked to describe intentions for 2011. I found that every intention I had related to my expanding my consciousness and helping others expand theirs.

Niro will be leading another retreat at Easton Mountain on March 11-13.

My tele-seminars are also ways of helping others expand consciousness. During the last one, some technical difficulties prevented me from entering into dialogue with those on the call. I’ve scheduled a seminar for February 20 on the theme “Talking About Sex and Spirit.” In this we will focus on how we’ve used sex to expand consciousness.

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