“Live in Gratitude”

February 10, 2011

Meister Eckhart wrote that if we say one prayer and that prayer is “Thank you” that is enough. It has struck me that if we totally trust God or the Universe to give us what we need, then we need no other prayer than “Thank You.”

In all the confusions of the modern world, it’s difficult to have this trust: My connection to the internet goes down; the land phone-lines go down; using my cell phone, I try to leave a message with someone whose voice-mailbox is full; I make an important call on my cell phone, and the voice is so garbled I can’t understand what’s said; my frustration level goes sky high.

And then suddenly all the things that frustrated me get cleared up: I find the hours of the library where I can go to get internet service; the chap whose voice-mailbox was full calls me; my friend whose voice was garbled calls me back on a clearer phone; and I can sit and breathe.

When I feel grateful, I live in joy. My body can give me pain or pleasure, but when I recognize my body as a tool for expanding consciousness, then I’m grateful to my body for all it can do. When I feel grateful to my boyfriend, my love flows to him. When I feel grateful for all the connections I’ve made at Easton Mountain, my love flows out to a wider circle. When I feel grateful to the Universe, my love flows to God. The gap is bridged between me and all other sentient beings. Then I find that living in gratitude is my natural state.

2 Responses to ““Live in Gratitude””

  1. This is so beautifully put, with the simplicity that marks true wisdom: that gratitude is our natural state; that we’re hard-wired to be happiest when we’re grateful. I’m reminded of W.S. Merwin’s wonderful poem “Thanks” as quoted by Anne Lamott in Traveling Mercies.

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