“Honor the Earth”

February 23, 2011

The Earth has been subjected to so much abuse! Ignorance, greed, and indifference have taken their toll. But change is in the wind. One hopeful sign is the emergence of thousands of small groups all over the world who have come together our of the realization that we can no longer trust our government officials and the corporations that back them to create the solutions we need to cope with pollution, global warming, and the depletion of fossil fuel.

Many of these groups are now joining together and that new groups are forming under an umbrella known as Transition Towns – and rural Washington County, where I live, is the unlikely spot where people are connecting using the of organization and leadership developed primarily in Transition Towns in Great Britain. I will be attending a get-acquainted meeting on March 1 and a “Training for Transition” March 19-20. I’ll be reporting on what is happening in this blog.

For me, honoring the Earth is not a sentimental walk through the woods; it is concrete action to heal the Earth and to awaken people to what will happen if we don’t heal the Earth.

In addition to honoring the Earth as the source of all life, I honor it as a teacher. I have two friends who are currently studying permaculture. The Earth has supported life for billions of years. Permaculture seeks to learn from the Earth how to preserve human life. It is part of the philosophy behind Transition Towns.

For me it’s important to walk naked on the Earth, to feel connected with the Spirit of the Land, to learn from nature – and then to roll up my sleeves and get to work. The commandment to honor the earth demands no less.

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