Celebration and Play

March 31, 2011

On March 9 I posted something about needs as they pertain to the coming changes made necessary by global warming and shortages of fossil fuel. Following the analysis of Marshall Rosenberg, I listed seven categories of needs. Last week I wrote about the need for autonomy.

Two categories of needs that seem closely related are celebration and play. They also relate to the need for autonomy because what may be fun for me may not be fun for another person. I enjoy being naked, but others may not; so the time that a group of us went kayaking on the Battenkill, stoping at secluded spots to strip and swim, would not meet their need for play or celebration.

Another time that stands out in my mind is when we made masks, painted each others bodies, put on the masks, and went up to a campfire. The youngest member of our community asked me to dance naked with him around the campfire. Clearly my choice for play and celebration may not be another person’s choice.

Body Painting Before a Campfire

Sunfire With Mask and Body Paint

Sunfire Ready for the Campfire

Man with mask and body paint

Another Man Ready for the Campfire

Easton Mountain fills a need for celebration and play for many gay men. If it is to continue doing this, it will need to rethink how other basic needs are met. Currently, two of our members are studying permaculture, a science of developing sustainable life. Their knowledge will be of help as we plan for a time when there is no cheap fossil fuel to bring men to Easton or to heat its buildings or bring in bananas from Central America and all the other food that must travel thousands of miles to be part of the American diet. As I write about other needs in future postings, I will be reflecting on the future of Easton Mountain in a world without cheap fossil fuel.

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