Reflection on Holy Week

April 22, 2011

I’m writing this on the day when Christians commemorate Jesus’ death. Like any other day, some people will feel joy; some will feel pain, sorrow and anger; and many will drown their feelings with food, drugs, TV, loud music ….

Christians observe this day with the consciousness that in two days they will celebrate the Resurrection. I do not know what happened two thousand years ago. Perhaps Jesus had the spiritual power to transcend physical death in a way that allowed him to have a bodily presence on earth. To me, that’s not important. What is important is that the consciousness that Jesus exemplified is at work in the world today.

While Jesus was alive, he was the link to God for his followers. But he realized that his followers would not find their own Christ Consciousness while he was on earth.

Unfortunately, many who came after him felt that they could imitate him not by exemplifying Christ Consciousness in their lives but by assuming a priestly function of connecting those who did not know their own inner divinity with a presumed external divinity.

The Church was born. It satisfied those who had a low level of consciousness even as it kept them at that low level. But those who felt the inner call resisted and rebelled. Martin Luther proclaimed the priesthood of all believers, and George Fox instructed his followers to sit in silence until Spirit moved them to speak.

This weekend, I shall plant some seeds – my way of celebrating the arrival of the resurrection of the earth that comes with spring. I will bless the earth with all its joy and pain, as the place where we go beyond joy and pain to the Divinity that is the ground of our being.

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