Our Need for Interdependence

May 3, 2011

In 1992 the film maker Abigail Child said, “Airports reserve for themselves the anatomy of the future, steel tubing and military directives.” Reading this now almost two decades later, I’m struck by how the end of cheap fossil fuel may be the salvation of the human race. When it is no longer economically possible to jet from continent to continent, when the tarmac and parking lots have been cut up and removed to once again grow plants and trees, flowers and food: the forces that would dehumanize us will no longer hold sway, and we will relate to each other as individuals who will find our joy working for the common good.

This is the secret of the New Age – if there is one. There is no obligation to work for a common good – only a joy in doing so. For this to happen there must be freedom for each person to choose how he will do this. We will work as artists, each choosing our own art form: music, fabric, food, healing, discussion, even partying – all are activities we may joyfully take on to work for the common good.

Those who came up with the idea of “transition towns”, understand this. Our human need for connection arises from the core of our being, from the love placed in our hearts by our Creator – who has put love into the whole Universe. One of my favorite quotes comes from Martin Buber, “When two people relate to each other authentically and humanly, God is the energy the surges between them.” And I would add, the force of this connection cannot be erased, destroyed or dissipated by any greed-filled psychopathic politician and captain of industry – not even by all of them put together.

One Response to “Our Need for Interdependence”

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