A Meditation of Blessing

May 9, 2011

My friend and teacher, AlixSanra Parness, is offering a class – May 20-22 in Madison, WI – called “The Art of Intentional Blessing.” She says, “Blessings are intentions of well-being that are the underpinnings of life itself.”

As I’ve worked with AlixSandra for a long time, I’ve learned to create my own rituals and meditations using the principles that she is teaching

This meditation may be done sitting, standing, or in some cases lying down. If you have privacy, remove your clothes.

Set an electric timer for the length of time you want to meditate. I do this for twenty minutes in the morning, sitting cross-legged on a cushion; or I do it for only ten minutes followed by ten minutes of Vipassana. At night, while lying in bed, I do this without timing, continuing until I feel that I’m about to fall asleep.

The procedure: Bring your hands together in prayer position with your thumbs touching your chest. Inhale, blessing your hands. Feel the energy of blessing coming into your hands. Exhale, feeling this energy flow out to your whole body, blessing your body.

As you repeat this, you will come into alignment with the being you were meant to be. You will become, as AlixSandra says, “a blessed being reawakening to the power of your ability to intentionally and deliberately create Joy is all areas of your life.”

If, at any time, you feel out of alignment bring your hands together in prayer position with your thumbs touching your chest through your clothing. Take three deep breaths; on each inhalation feeling the energy of blessing come into your hands and on each exhalation feeling it flow from your hands to your whole body.

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