Present Time

May 23, 2011

Present time is the only time I have – or is it? Past time has fled. Future time has not yet come. Only that fleeting moment called the present remains. Yet I have another kind of time – in my imagination. Pleasant events from the past fuel it, and future events come from it. It is through imagination that I create my world.

Gay Spirit Camp will by held at Easton Mountain August 8-14. Moss Tidd will be one of the facilitators, and I recall with pleasure the numerous times he has led sessions of body painting (as he says, to have fun smearing paint on a friend’s body). I acknowledge that a future body-painting session is in my imagination. The schedule for the camp has not been created. It may not include body painting. I may need to do be doing something else when it is scheduled. By acknowledging these possibilities, I can still say I look forward to body painting.

Man with Body Paint

Sometimes it's more than just smearing paint

Torso being apinted

Sometimes there's a lot of detail.

Rear view of man covered with body paint

Sometimes one color covers a large area of skin.

At previous camps, I’ve led meditation sessions, and I look forward to doing that again. But there may be no time for me to do these sessions. I acknowledge this as something that’s right now in my imagination. When I do this I live with the future as a golden sunrise of possibilities – accepting and enjoying whatever that new day will bring.

Each morning as I sit, naked, in meditation – I breathe in, blessing my hands. I breathe out blessing the day that is starting. The energy of blessing fills my life with peace and a certainty that I can accept whatever the future brings.

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