Inner Self and Outer World

June 7, 2011

This past weekend I was one of the facilitators for a retreat at Easton Mountain called Expressing Your Inner Self. Friday evening we had a session on poetry led by the published poet, Douglas Allen. At the end of the session I wrote the following:

If I walk a thousand miles, will I find illumination?

  • only if you look at what you are carrying rather than the land through which you are passing
  • only if you see what you are passing as something you are carrying and what you are carrying as something you are passing.

We also had two session devoted to drawing, and here is one of my drawings. The assignment was to use the human form in something which is not human.


Take a few minutes to meditate on this picture. If you have privacy, take off your clothes. Read the rest of this paragraph and then close your eyes. Visualize the figures in this temple made of polished wood. What do you see yourself doing in this temple? What ritual might you perform. When you’ve meditated for about five minutes, open your eyes.

Reflect on how the drawing you see and the image in your mind are one – how they are both something you are passing and something you are carrying.

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