Family Nude Yoga

July 6, 2011

I have received an email from a woman who identifies herself as married and the mother of two daughters age 19 and 18. She wrote saying that the family has individually practiced yoga in the nude. She was wondering about doing it together. She asked “Should we all go for a group yoga session naked OR should we stick to our practice individually? If, we all go for a naked yoga session, How do we go about it?”

Here’s my response:

 Yoga is a spiritual discipline. Being naked for me is a way to enter into sacred space. I can’t say that is true for everyone. I would not recommend that you continue doing your own routine, just all in the same room. One of you might lead a session – perhaps a different person each time – or you might also consider using a video or audio recording to guide your practice.

I suggest gathering clothed and sitting in silence for a few minutes. Prior to the session have a place where you’ve agreed to put your clothes. At a previously chosen signal, perhaps the ringing of a small bell, get up, go to the place where you will put your clothes, and then disrobe. Then one family member could lead the practice or you could start to follow a recorded session.

At the end, sit quietly in meditation for at least a few minutes. At an agreed signal, get up, move to your clothes and dress.

She also asked about bonding, saying “I wouldn’t mind even if there is a bit of erotic involved in it as even that might be relaxing, exciting and moreover the bonding of a mother, father, daughter naked during yoga.”

I will meditate on this and post something at a future date.

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